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The Tula secret

The Tula secret
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From generation to generation the famous Tula secrets have been passed:


06.55 Departure from Moscow (express from Kurskij railway station)

9.15 Arrival in Tula (Moscow railway station)

Meeting with the guide on the platform at the first carriage.

9.30 Bus tour around Tula the city of weapon manufacturing, samovars and special dry honey-cakes (Tula pryaniks). Tula is one of the most ancient Russian cities and the first mentioned in ancient chronicles which date back to the year 1146.

The city is famed for its tastiest Pryaniks and exactly here the blacksmith Levsha managed to shoe a flea. Nobody comes here bringing their own samovar and the weapon forge was built here for the first time. The city has a numerous attractions and a rich history. The “pearl” of Tula defensive architecture of the XVI century is the Tula Kremlin with its monumental Assumption Cathedral (Uspensky sobor) and Epiphany Cathedral (Bogoyavlenskiy sobor).

10.30 Excursion to the museum “Tula Pryanik” (“Tula honey-cake”). On the display there are pryaniks of different forms and sizes, ones with anniversary inscriptions, ordered for special occasions, historical ones, and ones of honour. You are going to see pryaniks designed in different shapes. After the tour of the exposition you are going to enjoy the tea-break with the tasting of pryaniks. And you can buy something for your relatives, friends and yourself. The shop offers not only traditional honey-cakes with apple jam or condensed milk filling but also with apricot, plum or strawberry jam. The variety is huge. There are honey-cakes of all forms and kinds, even enormous ones 5 kilos by weight.

12.00 Dinner at a restaurant.

13.00-15.00 Excursion to the Tula State Museum of Arms where you are going to see the world famous collection of masterpieces made by Tula arms-masters. You are going to get acquainted with the history of small arms and cold steel from the XIV century till the present. Special place take arms constructed by S.Mosin.

Everything is for you: immersion to the historical epoch in the entertaining and play zones; multimedia technologies such as holographic schemes of arms operation, virtual story-tellers, electronic description of the objects, encyclopedia of arms, computer developing games, mini-cinemas, unique design of the exposition and amazing interior and atmosphere of the museum. Tour of the grounds where the heavy military equipment made by Tula defense enterprises is placed and the walk through the Tula Masters’ alley of glory are included in the program.

15.30-16.30 Excursion to the museum “Grandfather Filimon’s accordion”. Private museum is situated in the ancient building only in two minutes’ walk from Tula Kremlin. Here “live” accordions and their roulades resound far away. If you go visit here, accordions will reward you by giving you the piece of their souls! Only here you are going to learn that the simple thing a boot, for example, can be multifunctional: you can wear it, use it to fan the samovar and even to play tunes. For you attention there is not just excursion but a real theatre where the leading parts are played by you and accordion. All fans of playing, dancing and listening to music have to visit this place by all means!  Accordion is a joy always waiting for guests!

16.30 Departure to the Moscow railway station.

17.15 Departure to Moscow  


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