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Tula the craftsmen’s city

Tula the craftsmen’s city
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In Russia and beyond its bounds Tula is especially famous as the craftsmen’s city. The craftsmanship of Tula is distinctive: it is famed for its arms manufacturing, samovars, accordions and special dry honey-cakes (Tula pryaniks). Everybody knows the legend of Tula craftsman Levsha who managed to shoe a flea. The world famous Yasnaya Polyana is only 9 kilometers away from Tula. There lived the great master of words  Leo Tolstoy.

06.55 Departure from Moscow (express from Kurskij railway station)

9.15 Arrival in Tula (Moscow railway station)

Meeting with the guide on the platform.

9.30 Departure to Yasnaya Polyana.

10.00-12.00 Tour around the estate Yasnaya Polyan. Visiе to the central estate house or the Kuzmins’ outhouse, Volkonskij house, walk in the estate park, visit of the writer’s grave.

12.30 Dinner in the restaurant “Dvoryanskiy stil” (“Noble Stile”)

13.30 Departure to Tula. Bus tour around Tula the city of arms manufacturing, samovars and special dry honey-cakes (Tula pryaniks). Tula is one of the most ancient Russian cities and the first mentioned in ancient chronicles which date back to the year 1146.

The city is famed for its tastiest Pryaniks and exactly here the blacksmith Levsha managed to shoe a flea. Nobody comes here bringing their own samovar and the weapon forge was built here for the first time. The city has a numerous attractions and a rich history. The “pearl” of Tula defensive architecture of the XVI century is the Tula Kremlin with its monumental Assumption Cathedral (Uspensky sobor) and Epiphany Cathedral (Bogoyavlenskiy sobor).

14.00 Tour around Tula Kremlin. The visit to the outstanding fortress-memorial of Russian defensive architecture (ХVI century) of great public importance which was built according to the decree of Price Vasyli the third in 1507 – 1520 as the southern outpost of the Moscow State. Assumption Cathedral and Epiphany Cathedral are considered to be the pure ornament of the Tula Kremlin. The arcade gallery survived from ancient times reproduces the unique fascination of the old times.

Tula Kremlin is not just the unique object of cultural and historical importance but also the town-planning and sacral center and core of the arms capital of Russia.

15.00 Visit to the museum “Tula Samovar” is an entertaining excursion to the history of the samovar manufacturing in Russia and the traditions of Russian tea-drinking.

16.30 Departure to the Moscow railway station.

17.15 Departure to Moscow 


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